Ceva Media is experienced in Commercial Audio Installations.

We design and integrate smart audio solutions for a wide range of applications.

Live and Distributed Audio systems for event venues, houses of worship, corporate & commercial space, schools, government buildings and many more… Ceva can design new systems or evaluate & upgrade current systems. Networked audio solutions for more control & ease of use.

  • Live Audio Systems
  • Distributed Audio Systems
  • Complete Audio Solutions
  • Assisted Listening Systems
  • System Evaluations


Ceva Media can highlight and set moods with professional Theatrical Lighting Systems.

Whether it’s to enhance the worship experience or showcase new products & services, Ceva can design eye-catching lighting systems.

Ceva Media uses lots of scenic materials to catch & reflect light such as Stretch Fabrics, 3D Modular Panels, Interlocking GEO Panels, Drape, and LED curtains.

  • Theatrical Lighting Systems
  • Scenic Design Services
  • LED Upgrades
  • Fixture Replacement


From capture to display, Ceva Media can design complete Video Solutions.

Cameras for Image Magnification and LED Walls & Projectors for Displays. Digital Signage integration and more…

  • Projectors & Screens
  • LED Walls
  • IMAG & Camera Systems
  • Digital Signage

Additional Services

  • AV Consultations & Planning
  • AV Integration & Engineered solutions
  • Custom Designs for End User
  • Commercial Installations
  • Acoustic Design & Sound Reflection Control
  • Troubleshooting & Repair
  • AV Equipment Rental
  • Project Management

Our Mission

We believe in building relationships that empower ideas to enhance the audience experience.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your Audio, Lighting and Video needs.